In the tradition of Angela’s Ashes,
a moving memoir of life in Cuba and America

In 1962, eleven-year-old Eduardo Neyra fled Cuba without his parents as part of the clandestine Operation Pedro Pan, an underground network that helped airlift over 14,000 Cuban children to safety in the United States. Suddenly a foreigner thrust into a new world and faced with new customs and a new language, it would be years before Ed saw his mother and father again.

Cuba Lost and Found is a moving and insightful true-life narrative capturing the political and cultural upheaval before and after Castro’s Revolution, from Ed’s carefree early years on the white sand of Varadero Beach, through his struggles to find a place in his new country, to his hard-won achievement of the American Dream. At the heart of this life is a powerful Horatio Alger story but also a soul-seeking journey of personal identity.